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Best Freelancing jobs online is content writing jobs online. If you are looking outsourcing jobs online to earn money the be a good writer.

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Content Writing jobs online –  Home Based Jobs

Historically, writers have been one of the poorest chaps in the whole world. Nowhere in the world, a writer could have been a millionaire in history. With the advent of the habit of reading novels, post-second world war, there has been a rise in the number of novelists in the whole world.

That was when a few of the novelists from different parts of the world. Especially those in the English speaking countries had become millionaires. They became eminent in other countries where English is widely spoken. Countries such as India, some parts of Africa and the south eastern countries had widely read novels from famous authors.

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Some of the novelists emerged from these countries and continents, though not turning as successful as the native English novelists. An author like Jeffrey Archer does a promotional trip to the east whenever he releases a book.

Currently, after Globalization and after large scale abundance of businesses and commercial establishments. The new commercial age has been making writers one of the richest so much as compared to the ones who cashed in on the Information Technology revolution.

Turning out to be on an equal footing with the Software professionals, writers have been making huge bucks these days, and it seems that writers will turn out to be considered at par with software professionals in terms of the money that they earn.

Content writing jobs online

Writing does not require going to offices most of the times unless and until an employer wants to hire a regular writer whose primary business relates to writing. Otherwise, website development and web page development are loosely maintained by companies. These projects, as companies believe, can be done by professional writers who work from home.

These projects when taken as multiple projects can help writers make quick bucks. All you need is a mere computer, laptop and internet. You may very well take a laptop in place of a desktop, as laptops ensure you can work very well on long trips and whichever part of the world you are in.

Besides all these developments, we may say that this is not all. Projects are infinite, prospects are infinite, and the no. of writing projects that arrive each day are even more infinite. Writing is not only about writing articles, but a plethora of other writing domains do exist and they are highly rewarding.

Preliminarily speaking, there are two types of writing. One is copy writing and the other one is content writing. The internet has given rise to these types of writing and they differ much from the traditional journalistic writing. Although both are for commercial purposes, copy writing is overtly commercial and content writing is subtly commercial.

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Copy writing is outright promotion and content writing is about promoting a website through readership and the no. of visitors the writing attracts each day. Hence, writing requires a little bit of knowledge on the practice of the craft called writing.


Besides, Google and other wikipedia websites can bless you with infinite amount of data at one single click and so, writing has been never the same!

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