Difference Between Wholesaler and Retailer

Difference Between Wholesaler and Retailer

What is the Difference Between Wholesaler and Retailer? Difference between wholesaler and distributor.major differences between Wholesale and retail.

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Difference Between Wholesaler and Retailer

In today’s article, we will know what is called Wholesale and Retail. And what is the difference between Wholesaler and Retailer and also Difference Between Wholesale and Retail?

What is the difference between wholesale and retail?

The word wholesale means to sell only in bulk quantity and retail means to sell goods in small quantity. Wholesale and retail are two distribution systems that form a major part of the supply chain.

When the goods are manufactured, they are sold in large quantities to wholesalers? Who further sell them to retailers and lastly to the final customers by the retailers.

As such, these two business forms are one of the important intermediaries of the marketing channel. In the absence of these two links, the entire supply chain will be disrupted.

There are some important differences between Wholesale and Retail. Which we will understand below through the difference table. But before that we understand better what is called Wholesale and Retail.

What is Retail sale?

Retailing means selling goods in small lots. When a small quantity of goods is sold to the end customer for consumption and not for the purpose of retail, it is known as retailing.

In a way, the retailer is the middleman between the wholesalers and the customers. They buy goods in bulk from wholesalers and sell it in small lots to the end consumer.

The prices of goods purchased in retail are relatively high. The first and foremost reason behind this is the advertising cost, and the profit margin is high. In addition, they include other expenses on a proportionate basis in the price of goods, such as rent, wages to workers, electricity expenses, etc.

In today’s time due to extreme competition, it is quite difficult to retain the customers for a long time. So the retailer must know the techniques of handling different types of customers.

Thus, the location of the shop, the appearance of the shop, the goods displayed. The quality of the products and the services provided are given great importance as it leaves an impact on the mind of the customer.

Furthermore, the goodwill of the retailer depends on these parameters. Based on this, the retailer always goes with quality products. They reject defective or low quality products and choose the best.

What is Wholesale?

Wholesale refers to the sale of goods to the customers in wholesale to retailers, industries and others at a lower price. It is a type of business in which goods are purchased by the wholesaler from producers in large lots, and then the bulk is divided into comparatively smaller lots. In the end, they are sold again to other parties.

Wholesalers do not pay much attention to the location and appearance of the store, and the display of goods because they only sell a specific type of item, and their customers are usually retailers or other businesses that purchase goods for the purpose of resale. And for them these things don’t matter at all.

In wholesale trade, the wholesaler places more emphasis on the quantity of the goods, not on the quality. To start a wholesale business, a huge capital is required as the size of the business is large. It does not require any promotion or advertisement.

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However, the customers of wholesale trade are spread over different cities, towns or even different states. Most of the goods are sold on credit to the customers of wholesale trade. Buying in bulk is priced lower as it has a lower profit margin.

Difference Between Wholesale and Retail 

So far above we have known what is Wholesale and Retail. If you have read all the above things carefully, then you must have come to know very well what is the difference between Wholesale and Retail.

If you still have any confusion in understanding what is Wholesale and Retail and what is the difference between them. Then now we are going to tell you some important differences between them below.


Meaning Wholesale is a business in which goods are sold in large quantities to retailers, industries and other businesses. When goods are sold in small lots to the end consumer, this type of business is called retail.
Creates link between Manufacturer and Retailer Wholesaler and Customer

Wholesaler                –                    Retailer

Price Lower  –                                   Comparatively higher
Competition Less –                          Very High
Volume of transaction Large –      Small
Capital Requirement Huge-          Little
Deals in Limited products –           Area of ​​operation Extended to various cities Limited to a specific area
Art of Selling  –                                  Not Required
Need for advertisement No   –        Yes.

Differences Between Wholesale and Retail

The points given below provide detailed information about the fundamental differences between wholesale and retail trade:

Wholesale means the sale of a large quantity of goods at a low price. The business of selling goods to consumers at high profit is known as retail. There is a wide difference between the wholesale and retail price of a particular item. i.e. the wholesale price is always less than the retail price.

In wholesale business, there is no need for the art of selling goods which is necessary in case of retail business.
Wholesale business size is bigger than retail business. In retail trade the retailer can freely select the goods which is not possible in the wholesale trade as the goods have to be bought in bulk.

In wholesale business, capital requirement is higher than in retail business. Location matters a lot in retail, but location doesn’t matter at all in wholesale. While selling goods in retail, the look of the shop and the display of the goods should be good so that more and more customers can be attracted. However, in wholesale there is no such requirement.
There is no need of advertisement in wholesale but advertisement is required to grab the attention of customers in retail business.


In today’s post, we have learned what is called Wholesale and Retail and what is the difference between Wholesale and Retail of Difference Between Wholesale and Retail.

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