How to make Android App

How to make Android App from Mobile

Friends How to make android app from mobile? Nowadays everyone uses Mobile Phone, Computer. But most people use Android phones only. So Android phone users are the most in the world, that’s why App Developers also make most Android apps. Most of the people here know that it is necessary to have knowledge of programming language to make an app like “JAVA” if you know JAVA, then you can easily create your app. But if you do not know Programming Language, then How to make Android App?

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How to make Android App

If you are thinking this, then now you do not need to worry at all, because today we are going to introduce you without knowing programming language and without technical skills. Complete information has been brought in detail.

In today’s digital age, most people give priority to online business. And the one thing that all online businesses need is their own app. App is made by any business for the convenience of the customers. Having your own app makes it very convenient to handle business. Many people start their business, but do not know that how to make android app?

Apart from this, many people like to write Blog, Poems, Quotes. If you have your own app, then you will be able to publish your blog yourself. If you do not know that How to make Android App  for Online Business or your Blog or Website. Then we will explain to you full information about it today through this post How to make App.

You can create an app from both mobile and computer, so we will give you complete information about how to make Mobile App and your name app in this article, to know read this post till the end.

How to create Android App

Creating an app can be a little hard work, but there are many websites that make this task very easy for you. “Appy Pie AppMakr” is one such website. So we tell you the steps of how to make an app without coding.

First of all open Appy Pie AppMakr website.
Select the name of your App.
Prepare a color scheme for that and customize the design of the app well.
After this test your app properly.
After testing you install the app on your device.
Whatever features you think should be in your app, add them. Don’t forget to test it once again before launching.
Now your app is ready to publish. Promote your app as much as possible and will definitely take feedback from your users.

How to make Android App Easily 

So How to make Android App AppsGeyser
“AppsGeyser” is another website from which you can create your own app. To know the way of creating Android App  in computer from AppsGeyser, follow the steps given below:

1. Open AppsGeyser Website
First of all, by opening the AppsGeyser website on your computer or mobile browser, click on Create Now.

2. Select Category
Choose the category of what kind of app you want to make. Website, Browser, Messenger, you can choose any category. If you want to make Android App, then click on Website Option.

3. Enter the URL of the Website
To create a website, you have to enter the URL of the website. After that you click on Next and enter your App Name, Icon, Description everything and click on Create Option.

4. Enter Email ID and Password
Now give the email ID for your app and give it a new password and click on Sign Up Option. A confirmation mail will come on your given email ID, verify it by clicking on the link given in it.

5. Download and open your App
After email verification, go to the Dashboard of the AppsGeyser website and download the app from the link given there. Once downloaded, your app is ready.

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So friends, this was How to make Android App by which you can create Android app for your website or blog or for your business. That too without knowing technical skills, just for this you have to go to website and select Android App category in the category. After that, you have to enter some important details and click on Sign Up, after that you have to verify the email id, now you can download your app by visiting the dashboard of the website.

Hopefully, after reading this post How to make Android App, you must have understood that How to make Android App or  how to create App, if you liked ours, then definitely share it with your friends too, and you have our If you have any question, then do tell us by writing it in the comment.

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