How To make Resume For Freshers

How To make Resume For Freshers

Learn How To make Resume For Freshers step by step. Resume for job application. How to make resume format. And How to write a resume or bio data.

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How to make a Resume

Friends, do you want to know how to make a Resume? Then definitely read this post of ours because in this post we will know how to make a Resume . Creating a resume is very easy and only a good resume can get you a job. If you are in search of a job, then you will also know that before giving a job everywhere, you are asked for a resume.

Resume is asked because resume tells about you like your hobbies, how much you are educated, how much experience you have in any work, what work you can do for the company, why the company should keep you, how you You can help them. You have to answer similar questions in your resume. Now let’s know a how to make good Resume.

Resume for Job Application :

Resume should always be professional, seeing that it seems that yes this person will do a good job for the company. When you apply for a job in a company, they ask for your resume before the interview, only after seeing that they decide whether this person should be called for the interview or not. To create a resume, many people take the help of others, such as cyber cafe or with the help of any freelancer.

But according to me, you should make your own resume, so that you will know what you are writing and when the interviewer asks you any questions related to the resume, then you can answer them. Creating a resume is not a big deal, you just have to prepare it properly, which should make a good impression on the reader. Today in this post we will know what to keep in mind while making resume, how to avoid making mistakes, how to prepare resume properly, so let me tell you how to make a Resume.

How to make Resume in Mobile:

You can create resume on both computer and Android phone. There are many apps available on the Android Play Store to create a resume on the phone. To create a resume on the computer, you will need MS Word software. To create a resume on MS Word, follow the steps given below in the blank document.

Personal Details: It is considered the most important for any resume. In this field you have to write your personal information. In personal information, you can write important things like your name, father’s name, mother’s name, home address.

Contact Details: In this field you have to write contact information. You can write your mobile number and email address in the contact.

Objective: A company will give you a job only when they need you. Therefore, in the objective, you can write how you can help the company. You can also write in it why you should get this job.

How to make a Resume for freshers

Education Qualification:
For any job you apply for, you are asked about your educational qualification. In this field you have to write how educated you are. You can write your percentage, college, stream, and when you completed college.

Work Experience:

If you have worked in some place before applying for this job, then you can write about it.
Hobbies: What do you like, you can write in this field like cricket, football, reading books, traveling, listening to songs etc.

Personal Strength: You can write those things which are natural in you in this field. Like your way of talking is good, you are punctual, you laugh well, you remember anything quickly etc.

Extra Skills: If you have any art outside the job profile, then you can write it in this field. Like you are also a good programmer, you have knowledge of software hardware, you know digital marketing, you have done any diploma course etc.

Languages: Which language do you know you can write in this field like English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi etc.

So in this way you can create Resume on your computer with the help of MS Word. What I told above, you can write and design it in Blank Document. You also get a pre-prepared Resume Template on MS Word, in which you only have to write your information. After you have prepared the resume, you can save it in PDF format by going to the Export option.

How to write a good resume :

Start writing resume like this:

While creating the resume, first of all you have to tell your name, mobile number and where you live. After this, write in the resume how educated you are, which course you have done and in how much time you have completed it. If you have completed education from a big school or college, then also write the name of the school/college, this will let the front person know that your education background is also very good. After writing this, write about the place for which you have worked, so that the person in front will know about your experience.

Write only the important things
Use fewer words.
Don’t Make Mistakes in Grammar.
Do not use color.
Just write the truth.

Note the font size.

Conclusion :

So friends today we have learned How to make a Resume ? Along with resume for job application in this post, I also told you that how to write a good Resume. If you follow this post well, then your resume will not be considered less than a professional resume. One more thing should be kept in mind that while making a resume, if you have a good photo in which you look good, add it to the resume. In the resume, write the same mobile number that you always have with you and also write the same email id from which you are sending the resume. I hope you have learned a lot from this post, if you like this post then do share it.

Thank you.

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