How to Prepare For Army

How to Prepare For Army – What to study for Army

Do you want to join Indian army? How to Prepare For Army? Qualification for Indian army soldier. How to prepared and get Indian army job in 2021

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How to Prepare For Army

Friends, do you want to know that How to Prepare For Indian Army? Then you have come to the right place because in this post we will know how to prepare for the army. So keep reading this post, it will definitely help you.

Friends, many people prepare for this with the dream of army but very few are lucky enough to become an army because they do not know the right way how to prepare for the army.

That is why I have to write this post. So that If such people are helped and they get selected in the army, then what can be a greater happiness for me than this. In this post, I will tell you every way by which you can easily prepare for the army. and your chances of getting recruited in the army will also be high. Now let’s know friends how to prepare for the army.

How to Prepare For Indian Army

Army is a very good job because it also gives us a chance to serve our country. A true army can become a man who is afraid of bowing down the head of the country more than his own life, perhaps this is the reason why we all respect the army so much and give them so much respect. The job of the army is to protect their country. Even if they have to give their lives for it. To become an army, you must have the passion to do something so that the enemy in front can be blown away by one of your targets. This is the identity of the real army.

Before becoming an army, you have a physical test, medical test and written exam, so you have to prepare in advance to become an army because many people who come to become army without preparation, they have to return home in the first phase itself. But do not worry, today in this post I am going to tell you some such tips. With the help of which you can easily prepare for the army and you will be easily recruited in the army.

Before knowing how to prepare for the army, it is important for you to know which documents are in demand in the army. If you go to the army without any documents, then your selection will be stopped without seeing you. So let me tell you about the

Documents that you need.

  • Documents for Army Job.
  • Certificate of Class 10th.
  • Marks Sheet of 10th & 12th class (It depends on your post which post you are applying for).
  • Residence Certificate
  • Cast Certificate.
  • Character Certificate (should not be older than six months)
  • NCC Certificate, Sportsman Certificate and Relationship Certificate.

Friends, you will need the documents that I have told you above, so prepare these documents in advance so that there is no problem later.

How to prepare for Army Job

For Physical Test:

To join the army, you have to be completely healthy. If we talk about Physical Test for Army, then in this phase many people have to go back to their home. Because Physical Test requires good practice which is not enough in 1-2 weeks. Before joining the army, you have to complete the race of 1600m in just five minutes. To complete the race, you have to practice daily otherwise you will not be able to complete the 1600m race.

For Medical Test:

Now let’s talk about the preparation for the medical test, you must know that it is necessary for the army to be successful in both the physical test and the medical test. In the army, your organs like Eye Sight, Chest, Height, Weight, Blood, Urine, Ear are examined.

I cannot give you much tips regarding medical tests, for this it would be better if you contact your doctor because he has more information about all these. If there is any deficiency in you, then the doctor will also tell you the remedies to fix it. So I would advise you to contact your doctor for a medical test. Do not forget to get your hair cut short and shaving before the medical test. Although it is not necessary but in the eyes of the examiner, you have a good image and they say that the first impression is not the last impression.

Written Exam:

You have to get good marks in the written examination also, only then you know that your selection is in the Indian Army. This stage is also not very difficult, if you have practiced it too, then you can easily pass it too. The written exam is completely objective type and carries a total of 100 marks.

In the written examination, 30% questions are asked from General Knowledge. 40% questions from Science and 30% questions from Mathematics and all questions are of class X level. You will easily get the syllabus of the written exam on the internet. I would advise you to write all the important topics in the notes and solve the previous year question paper as much as possible. This will give you an idea about the exam, which type of questions are asked the most in the exam.

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Friends, today we have learned in this post. How to Prepare For Army and how to get army job in 2021. I hope that after reading this post you must have got an idea how to prepare for the army. Work on these tips from now on and at least you should start preparing for the army 3-4 months in advance. Only then your preparation will be able to be done well, otherwise there is something missing in a hurry.

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