What is BPO and what is the difference between BPO and Call Centre

What is BPO and what is the difference between BPO and Call Centre

Friends, today we will know what is BPO and what is the differences between BPO and Call Centre?  BPO FULL FORM and Meaning.  And what does it mean?  If you want to job in the BPO industry then it is very important for you to know about it. How is the industry?

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What do you have to do in it and which role is given in it? If you talk about the present then most of the Candidates are curious to work in this industry. This area is seen as part of PART TIME and FULL TIME Jobs.

What happens to BPO?

BPO’s full form “Business Process outsourcing”. i.e: Business Process outsourcing This is a process of business behavior where a composition hire another company to meet your TASK. Which is the original business of a company and in addition to this original business. There is no additional work which needs that company.

But he is not a part of that company. So in such a way, this extra work is consumed by another company. Where does BPO goes to the whole process.

We explain to you by giving a simple example

Talks about Vodafone Company. Vodafone is a multinational telecommunication company. Whose original business is to provide mobile network service to your customer. So that Calling, SMS etc.

It can benefit the service but to troubleshoot any problem such as mobile networks. How to provide information about mobile data? It is also necessary to provide facilities like this infrastructure and therefore Vodafone for Customer Service Any other company has hired.

Those who have special information in this work and give similar service to their work. Due to this time savings, they do not need extra employees and the company has the main business which is also the time to focus it.


According to work and BPO System it is divided into 3 ways and almost all the companies now work in this way.

Offshore Outsourcing: A country’s company is handed over to the other country’s company. Handing over to the other country’s company, this process is called Offshore outsourcing.

Onshore Outsourcing: A company handed the task of providing its services to another company, both companies are from one country. This process adds onshore outsourcing and domestic (country / domestic) outsourcing.

Nearshore Outsourcing: A company providing its services to the local company, which gives the local company to the local company, says Nearshore outsourcing.

Career in Bpo

First of all if you want to job in the field of BPO. It’s extremely important to decide that you are looking at it as Long Term Career or in Short Term.  You see it as Long Term Career only when you have someone else Do not be professional degree and get a lot of work in any other area.

But if your field be different, such as Engineering, Marketing, Management etc. So you will be better to see it as a short term career because the experience of this area will not be counted in your main area

Somewhere all the candidate jobs in this field due to financial tightness or for extra income and not to get jobs in their field. Has just had too much effect on BPO companies and their jobs due to coronavirus lockdown. In such a time a lot of people is facing Problem in getting job.

Benefits of BPO Companies

Increase Sales & Productivity: Bpo companies enables focus to focus on your main business areas. It works to save time and helps to accelerate other projects and help your customer. Here the expert people do work efficiently due to which productivity improves.

REDUCE COUSTS: Reducing your investment will not look good. The important thing to reduce business cost does BPO System. BPO does not only reduce the cost but also helps to increase the revenue. Due to outsourcing the company gets better services in low rates. So that they get the benefit of better market position and additionally competition.

System Utilization: It enables Maximum utilization of simitly resources. Outsourcing helps check new life and retrieve resources. This increases productivity and business costs are reduce.

Disadvantages of BPO

Communication problems: BPO is often likely to have communication problems between customers and customer care agents. Like the customer is something else and the seller / employee listens to something different, due to which misunderstanding increases. Many times the customs also use abusive.

Job Timing: Time work in this BPO job is not fixed. Employees have to go to Duty at night. Even during the night when they are on Job in International Company, then it is likely to be Health Problems due to changing times.

What is the difference between BPO and CALL CENTER?

Many people believe that BPO and CALL CENTER is the same and both the work process is also similar but the truth is that the Call Center is a part of BPO but both of them are completely not similar.  Their WORK process is also different from some extent

Bpo Online and Offline May be in both ways then Call Center is just online way.

Call CENTER includes only calling and raising calls in BPO, Mails, Meetings, Printing, Documents, Call etc. Are involved.

BPO works like a System, whose purpose is to increase the productivity of its business, due to the part of it. It involves helping your client in Call Center and promoting PRODUCT.

To get a job in BPO, the information of the computer and good English information is essential so it is necessary to have Basic Computer Information and Communication Skill in Call Center.

There are different departments such as IT, Finance, Billing etc in BPO but only Calling Department occurs in Call Center.

Conclusion :

Friends hope you have understood what is the full form of BPO? And what kind of work is done in it. We have told all the necessary information here which will help you to get Job from knowing about it and if you still have any questions. So tell about it in the comment.

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