What is cloud computing

What is cloud computing, how to do cloud computing?

Friends What is cloud computing, how to do cloud computing? Some questions asked what is cloud computing key or cloud server? The main content of cloud computing is to rent services or hardware from any cloud server provider institution instead of its computer hard drive. Detailed discussions here are how Cloud computing works.

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What is cloud computing

This is the technology of the current time in the current period. Cloud computing is the delivery of different services through the Internet, including data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software. The word cloud is originally used in figuratively. Many people ask what Cloud Hosting or Cloud Hosting To convenient their understanding, the way the cloud spreads throughout the sky.

In the present time the Internet and the same way are spread all over the net. It has been born when the way to get the highest benefit from the image on the internet. Currently most large companies rent hardware from home service providers instead of using their hard drive. The first cloud computing started the journey in 2006.

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What is the cloud server

Cloud Server is rented from the Internet service provider organization. By selling cloud servers, companies rent a computer’s data storage like its facility. Cloud Computing Cloud Server is basically three features to follow,

1. The organization will have to meet the needs of the buyer’s small or large storage.
2. When the buyer will mean when the buyer wants him to provide Cloud Server’s services.
3. The third feature of the cloud server is Pay Edge U Go. This is basically the payment model. Buyer does not have to be able to find any service before. So Cloud server provider will pay a payment for only what it will use.

Cloud Computing Service Model

Cloud computing’s main service model can be divided into three parts.
1. Infrastructural service or Encerry Infrastructure Service Iaas. Cloud service providers in this content hire their CPU storage networks and other computer resource user organizations. Users can run operating system software for its needs.
2. Platform-based services or platform service paas. In this system, the operating system of the Cloud Services provides the program execution environment with the operating system web server hardware and database. Application developers can hire their software on this platform.

3. Software Services or Software Application Services Saas. In this system, the developed application of cloud service organizations can enjoy this facility through the Internet.

Facility of Cloud Computing

The biggest advantage of using cloud computing is that the user can download or upload data through internet from anywhere.
The user does not need any hardware.
The information is not required to know how to be saved or processed
Can be used from anywhere at any time
The use of its own hardware is a lot less cost.

Conclusion :

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