What to do after 10th

What to do after 10th? After 10th courses chart

Friends If you want to know What to do after 10th? After 10th courses chart for Students in India. And What course to do after 10th? List of course after 10th standard.

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What to do after 10th

Friends What course to do after 10th? What to do after 10th? Every student is always worried about his career. It happens to everyone, it happens to me many times because I was also a student like you. I want that you do not have to wander here and there to get information like me. So I am writing this post today, in this post I will tell you what to do after 10th, what can we do after 10th.

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After 10th courses chart. There is a career option, which course to take after 10th, which stream after 10th, you will get the answer of all these questions in this post of ours today, so read this post carefully and you can also ask us your questions in the comments.

What course to do after 10th

We all have to grow up and make a career because the better our career is, the better our life will be. So it is important that we take decisions related to our careers thoughtfully. Otherwise our career can be ruined before it starts. If you see, after 10th we have many career options. We just have to make the right choice.

if you make the right choice then your life is set. If you fail to make the right choice then you will not feel like doing that work and you will give up in the end. Today, in this post, I will tell all the courses for after 10th, along with I will also tell which people should do this course so that the career choice is done correctly. Please read this post carefully only then you will be able to understand it well. So let’s know what to do after 10th.

What to do after 10th? 

After 10th, you get the option of three streams, out of which you have to choose one stream. It is not as easy as you are thinking because many students do not know which stream is good for them and which is not. But There is nothing to worry about this is a very common problem that happens to everyone. Let me give you information about all the three streams. Take whatever stream your mind asks you to take and do not come under any pressure.

If you want to become an engineer or a doctor, then you have to take science after 10th. Science demands more hard work from you as compared to other streams. After doing 12th with science, you can easily go to any field, while this does not happen with other streams. Overall it is considered a very good stream. If you want to study doctor by taking science then definitely take biology.

{ Note : If New Education policy of India will implement then there could be no difference in any stream}

So If you want to become an engineer by taking science then you should have Mathemics. If you want, you can take both Biology and Maths. In the science stream, your subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, English, you can also take additional subjects, there are a total of six subjects.

What course to do After 10th

If you do science with maths then you will be called non medical student because you have not studied biology so you cannot go to any medical field. Same if you do science with biology then you will be called medical student means you can go to medical field but can not go to any field where maths is used like engineering. If you have not decided in which field you want to go. Then you can take both Maths and Biology. But Its better to decide.

Physics: In this subject you will get to understand the topics like motion, energy, friction etc. It is considered more difficult than other subjects of science.

Chemistry: In this you will get to know about chemistry such as information related to water, chemical, liquid, solid substance, liquid substance is given.

Biology: In this subject you are given all the information related to animal, human body, animal body, tree plant. If you are also interested in biology, this subject is for you.

Mathematics: In this subject you are taught mathematics. This math is very different from what you have been studying till 10th, but to understand them. You should have knowledge of maths up to 10th.

Computer Science: If someone is interested in computer then he will definitely like this subject. In this subject, you are taught about computer information, programming language, software, internet etc.

English: You will get to see this subject in every stream. In English you have to read Grammar, Tense, Active Passive, Novel etc.


Many students like to take this stream. If you want to make a career in the field of accounting, finance or banking, then you must have commerce. In commerce, you get subjects like economics, accountancy, business studies, business law. If you pass 12th from commerce then you can do your graduation with courses like B.Com, BBA, BMS, BBM, CFA, CA, ICWA, CFP.

Accountant: In this subject you are taught how to do accounting. In other words, you are told about the accounting information. How to do accounting in the bank and any company.

Business Studies: In this subject, you are given information about how to do business. By reading this subject, one can know how to run a business properly and can become a good businessman in the future.

Economics: In which activities related to money are studied, it is called economics. In this subject, you are explained about the topics like transaction of goods and services, consumption of a product etc.

Mathematics: Mathematics is taught in this subject. If you want to do well in commerce, then you should also have a good grip on mathematics.

English: This is not a new subject, you also know that topics like Grammar, Tense, Active Passive, Novel etc are taught in this.


If your interest is in subjects like Media, Journalism, Literature, Sociology, Social Service, Human Psychology, Politics, Economics, History, then you can pass 12th from Arts stream. Many people have a protest that arts are taken by those people who do not feel like studying or who have less marks. While it is not appropriate to say so.

People can also make their career by taking arts, such people can make their career in lawyer, politician, professor, teacher field. In Arts, your subjects are like Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, English, Hindi, Sanskrit. By the way most numbers of students complete their graduation with arts stream.


If you want to understand the history, what used to happen in the old times, the customs of the old times, the wars of the old times etc. have been described in this subject.

Geography: In this subject you are told about geography. If you want information related to land such as earthquake, atmosphere, tsunami, forest, vegetation etc. have been told in this subject.

List of course after 10th standard

Psychology: If someone wants to understand the human mind on the basis of its activity, then they must read this subject.

Political Science: If you want to know how politics and political works, then definitely read this subject. In this, you are taught subjects like state, politics of India and the world, political alliances, powers of government, fundamental rights etc.

Hindi: Almost most arts students keep Hindi language in their subject. In this subject, you are taught Hindi grammar and how to purify Hindi.

English: If someone is interested in learning and understanding English, then they will definitely like this subject. In this subject, you have to read the rules of English grammar and the novel, story and poem written by the author.

Sanskrit: This language is considered to be the oldest and it is also said that all languages ​​have originated from Sanskrit. If you also want to learn Sanskrit language, then you have to study this subject.

Philosophy: In this subject, you are told the way people think, what can be the reason for someone’s stress, how can a person be happy etc.

Sociology: This subject gives you information about society, how society works, social problem, social activity etc.

Professional course after 10th:

So far we have known that what are the streams after 10th and what is their scope. Now we will know how we can do professional courses after 10th. This course can also be done by those people who do not want to do long studies and are looking for a job. After completing these courses, you will get a degree and also a job.

1. ITI
2. Diploma courses.

Jobs after 10th:
Many students want to do further studies after completing 10th, but they lack money. It is found quite a lot in a country like India. If you are also one of those who want to do direct job after 10th. Then it is also possible that you can take out your expenses and help your family financially. If you want, after 10th, you can do government jobs like Indian Army, Railways, BSF and earn good money. Every year examinations are held by the government for the recruitment of these posts, information will be available on the newspaper and internet.

Conclusion :

So friends, today we know what to do after 10th. I hope you must have liked this post of ours. I would just like to tell you that whatever you feel like, go in it. Do not come under any pressure and take any wrong decision. Only then you can make your career successfully. Before selecting the stream, please consult your teacher, parents, siblings as they have good experience. I have also seen many such students who only do what their friend does. But they can’t get good success. So don’t do it and listen to your heart. If you liked our post then do share it.

Thank you.

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