What to do after BA

What to do after BA or Graduation?

Friends What to do after BA – We will discuss Complete information of 11 Best Career option after BA or graduation. Best course after graduation in Arts. OR High paying job after BA. I will tell you everything so read the post till the end.

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Complete information on what to do after BA

What to do after BA? Friends, the full form of BA is Bachelor of Arts, so after hearing the name, it is known that this arts is for the students. If a student wants to complete his graduation, then he can do BA. This is a three-year course which can be a student of any stream of arts, commerce and science. Today I am writing this post for those who have completed BA or are thinking of doing BA. I will tell you all the career scope of BA in this post, so let’s know what to do after Bachelor of Arts.

Friends, after doing BA, this question comes in everyone’s mind. What should be done next and which career scope will be good if you read our website daily. Then you will know that we have already had career scope for 12th and 10th students also Have told. Many people in India do BA to complete their graduation, which takes three years. If you have also done BA or are thinking of doing BA, then definitely read this post. I can say with the claim that after reading this post, there will be no question in your mind. Even if it remains, then comment us. Tell me we will try our best to reply.

Career option after Bachelor of Arts

Many people think that there is no use of doing BA. While it is just a fiction, if you see from the point of view of reality. Then only that person is successful in his life whose mind is not limited to only books information can do it correctly. What I mean to say is that whether you do BA, BCom, BSc, but if your mind is limited only to books information, then you can never do anything, then it is wrong to say that career options are less in BA. There are also many career options but it is important that you go in any field. Your knowledge should be more than books information.

What to do after BA:

Master of Arts/MA:

This is the most preferred course after doing BA, which many people like to do after doing Bachelor of arts. Master of Arts is a postgraduate level degree program which can be done after doing Bachelor of arts. MA can also be done by those people who want to do higher studies in any subject. And MA programs can be done in any subject in all the big universities of India, due to which doing MA has become very easy. MA degree can also prove to be good for those people who want to make teaching their profession. MA candidates can also give TET/NET exam so that they can teach in school/college.

B.Ed/Bachelor of Education:

This is a two year course. This course is also for those who want to make teaching their profession. If you want to study in primary/high schools then you must have B.Ed degree. To do this course, it is also necessary to have a BA degree. Nowadays if you want to become a government school teacher, then you have to give TET (Teachers Eligibility Test) exam before that.

Diploma Courses:

After doing BA, if you want, you can also do a diploma course. This will also help in developing your professional skills. One big advantage of doing a diploma is that you are prepared for a job in a short time. If we talk about other benefits of diploma, then it offers you many courses like you can do diploma in animation, film-making, acting, dancing, painting, management, graphic designing etc.

LLB/Bachelor of Laws:

If you want to make your career in legal field, then LLB is for you, this course can also be done after doing BA. BA graduates can join LLB and become lawyer

MBA/Master of Business Administration:

This is a very famous course which can be done after doing BA. It takes two years to do MBA. During MBA course, students are taught to solve business related problems and all the qualities of a business manager are taught to them so that they can easily handle any public or private sector organizations.

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Some other paths after doing BA: What to do after BA?

1) Like other courses, after doing BA, you can get a government job, you can give exams from CDS to SSC CGL, if you stand on their eligibility criteria.

2) After doing Bachelor of arts, if you want, you can also become a Bank PO, just you have to crack the exam for this.

3) You all know that UPSC conducts many exams every year, among them IAS, IPS also comes, if you have done Bachelor of arts then you can also give UPSC exam.

4) There will be many of you who want to help people by giving social service, such people can work together with NGOs.

5) If someone wants to go in the field of media then he can do journalism and mass communication after doing it.

6) You can also do any professional course like animation, painting, acting etc.

Conclusion :

Friends, today we have learned what to do after Graduation, I hope that after reading this post of ours, you must have got the course of your choice and it would also have come to know that what is the career scope in which course. I tried to tell you the same things in this post which can prove beneficial for you, if you have any question related to this post, then tell us by commenting and share this post.

Thank you.

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